Everything you need to know about Ethiopia adventure

Ethiopia is a land that is blessed with certain extremes that come together to make it beautiful. This place is home to the lowest and hottest place on earth. That said, it is also home to a number of mountains as well. To help you out, here are everything you need to know about Ethiopia adventure.

It is home to hyenas and they can be found in most places

Human beings love pets because of the company they give. Sometimes, we do tend to have extreme choices of pets and Ethiopia has proven to be no different from that. The Ethiopians believe that in keeping the hyenas well fed means keeping their children safe. In Addis Ababa, there are special hyena gates that gives hyenas access to this walled city. So it is best you watch how wander about especially into alleys or terrains you are not familiar with.

Time and date is different in Ethiopia from the regular time

Ethiopia is considered home to virtually every human being. This is probably why they do a number of things differently from other African countries. One of those differences is the one of date and time. The Ethiopian calendar is different from that of the regular calendar and so is their time. A number of countries have different calendars too but they do not take it as seriously as Ethiopians do. You should also ask about the time before you jump on that last minute flights to Ethiopia.  They should indicate if it is Ethiopian time or international.

This is a land of ancient culture and religion with lots of Christian relics believed to be present here.

Ethiopia is considered to be the home of every human especially Christians. They can gladly boast of a number of ancient relics. It is believed that King Solomon treasures are stacked away somewhere in this country. The Lord’s ark is also said be in this country. Mind you, it will not be in your interest to go searching for the gold they claim King Solomon stacked away somewhere. If you are here for education and adventure however, there are places with ancient relevance to experience.

The country is always busy hence you do not have to worry about safety

I am sure you must have heard about Ethiopia being an unstable place due to the heated polity going on here. Talking from experience, there is not much to be scared about Ethiopia especially in terms of security. The streets of Ethiopia are always busy and safe as well. There is a level of stability so you do not have anything to fear.

Getting a tourism visa is quite affordable but getting a guide is even more important

Getting a tourism visa is relatively cheap and you should have no problem obtaining. However, getting a tour guide is even more important than getting a visa. There is more to Ethiopia than what is available on the internet. Very few people are aware of the fact that hyenas roam the streets of Addis Ababa. So you should consider getting a guide while booking those

 to Ethiopia.

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