7 rules of booking a flight online

Booking your flight is a process that you need to carefully understand if you want to make the most of your traveling. Understanding this process will save you from a lot of excesses. Here seven rules of booking a flight online that should guide you whenever you want to book flights online.

Select your preferred seat

You should understand the the pattern of seat arrangement before you book your flight. I do not like the idea of having to beg someone to change seats with you while you are boarding the plane. Know the manner in which that particular airline numbers their seat before you book. You should also ensure that the seat you book is the appropriate one or comfortable one for you.

Use the 24 hours cancellation rule

You should also understand the policies of the airline you are flying with before you book your flight with them. Always ensure that they operate with the 24 hours cancellation policy. This rule allows you to rebook your flight in the case of a cancellation on the part of the airline. If you are not careful, they may sometimes change your flight date and time without prior notice. This 24 hours cancellation rule puts you in charge.

Always book directly from the airline, avoid third party bookings as much as possible

Travel agents are very good but I am not usually of fan of travel agents or agencies. They can come in when they are reputable and you do not have much idea about traveling. Other than that, you do not need them. The more reason I encourage people to book their flights from the website of the airlines themselves other than through travel agents. Going by the first rule in this article, you may end up not getting your preferred seats as they may be attending to multiple individuals with travel needs. You will also end up paying more than the actual price of your flight fare.

Book early enough and not too late

The idea of hooking very early is for individuals who are very selective in terms of sitting positions. I really do not blame them as your sitting position matters when you are traveling via economy. If you are using first class, it does not really make much of a difference. Booking early enough can also give you the opportunity of getting fares at a cheaper price. You should book for your flights no later than two to three weeks to your date of your departure.

Register on the platforms of your preferred airlines

Just like in the case of using agents to book your flight, it is not the best to book your flight on another platform besides that of the airline you are traveling with. Avoid third party platforms for booking your flight. Also ensure to confirm that the platform you are about to use is the official platform of your website. From websites to social media platforms, always ensure that you are booking on the right platform before doing so. Anything other that and you will end up putting your money as well as your information at risk.

Compare prices of different airlines

Booking your flight is similar to going to the market to buy something for yourself. You do not just walk up to store, buy what you want and go back home. That is not the smartest financial decision to make. The same way you should compare the prices of things in the market before buying is the same way you should compare flight fares before booking. The prices usually fluctuate comparing prices will help you get the most value for your money.

Watch out for discounts and promotions

Airlines usually offer discounts and promotional offers in a bid to stay in the competition and you can use that to your advantage. Always watch out for promotional offers and discounts. They may not look much but they will help you save money.

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