7 rules of becoming a master traveler

When it comes to becoming master traveler, the number one rule is that “there are no rules”. Before you will be able to understand that rule properly, you need to first acquaint yourself with these seven rules of becoming a master traveler.

Carry only what is necessary

This probably is the first step to becoming a master traveler. You will definitely become a master traveler when you travel like some spoilt rich female kid who knows that people will always attend to her baggage for her. Traveling light will help you facilitate the other rules. So cut down on your luggage while on the next Sydney to Melbourne flights or Melbourne to Sydney flights.

Use alternative forms of accommodation

An average traveler knows only about hotels as a form of accommodation. Very few of them know about hostels or rented apartments. If you are become a master traveler, you should know of these alternative forms of accommodation. These alternative forms of accommodation also increases your chances of meeting regular travelers as well.

Learn to travel alone and be adventurous

It is very rare to find someone whose taste of adventure matches yours. It is either it is not as much as your own or more than your own. To avoid issues of this mismatch, learn to travel solo. Traveling solo means that you have to only look out for yourself while on your travel adventure.

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Always make backup plans

First of all, you should not have a fixed or rigid travel plan. Always have a number of plans such that you can easily adjust even at the very last minute. To make this feasible, you should have more than just plans as your backup. You should also have cash in terms of backup. If you are not a fan of cash, you should carry travel convenient credit card or a reward credit card. You cannot change your plans when you do not have adequate funds.

Do not always follow the crowd, become a pathfinder instead

You are not and you will not become a master traveler by going to top travel destinations or top tourist areas. A master traveler usually gets “lost” while traveling.  By getting lost, I mean that he allows his heart to lead him instead of logic. This is how you can discover new and hidden places. Take alternative routes to unpopular places.

Get the necessary insurance

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot become a master traveler without the necessary backup. Another aspect of backup is the presence of an insurance cover that ensures that you do not have to shoulder every expenses of your journey. One insurance you should get besides your travel insurance is your health insurance. Besides insurance, you can also register for an affiliate or flyer program.

Learn a number of popular language

If you want to become a master traveler, you have to take the paths most people will not take. You will need to help yourself a lot. You can do that by learning a number of languages. You can do your research on a number of languages that are spoken in most countries, cities and towns. You will have to hire a guide, translator or the likes whenever you are traveling.

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